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Reviews are in from the Showstopper run in Edinburgh!

Here’s one from the Ed Fringe sight:

“There are two kinds of acts that make you think ‘how the hell did they do that?’ One is magicians, who, of course, didn’t do it and just made you think they did, and the other is Showstoppers, who really did do it, and really do it again every night in the Gilded Balloon. How remains a mystery. As ever, the audience dictates the topic and styles, freeing the performers to be as raucous as they like and blame us afterwards. Which is perfect. Usually topics have to be diverted into the risqué, but as our night was set in the Vatican, we were on deliciously thin ice immediately. The performers were, of course, models of restraint and decorum. Not. With song styles of Chicago, Les Mis, Tim Burton/Danny Elfman and Tim Minchin, you would have expected the latter two to be the more interesting, but given classic templates to play with, the Showstoppers naturally seized both musicals and tore them a new one with merciless glee. I was delighted that Pippa Evans, I think usually absent from the evening shows, rocked up (in every sense) but the focus was definitely pulled by relative newcomer, the American singer/dancer/actress Nell Mooney. Cast against type (as the Pope) she is small of stature, but pretty much ripped the roof off the GB and had tremendous stage presence with her high kicking finale. Huge kudos to the musicians, particularly Duncan Walsh Atkins. On balance, I don’t think what the Showstoppers do is really that clever. You just have to be a superb singer, dancer, actor, improviser, mimic, mime and conversant with every musical form ever invented. And telepathic.”

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